Product Information. - Sealant / Silicon



  • Shinetsu Sealant OS

    One-component netural curing sealant for general use

  • Shinetsu Sealant BIO

    One-component netural curing sealant containing antifungal
    agent for bathroom, kitchens and so on.

  • Shinetsu Sealant BS-1000

    One-component silicone sealant designed for sealing specifically where a window frame and weatherproofing performances

  • Shinetsu Sealant LX

    One-component, neutral curing silicone rubber based sealant with outstanding adhesion to general exterior materials of the building without primer.

  • Shinetsu Sealant SK, 356LS, 456LS

    one-component silicone sealant designed for sealing specifically where non-staining performances

  • Shinetsu Sealant IG

    one-component silicone sealant designed for secondary sealant in insulating glass units with outstanding adhesion and very good weathering resistance.


  • Modified silicone sealant (OSUNG MS-2000)

    OSUNG MS-2000, Modified silicone sealant, can be painted with water-based paint and is suitable for various expansion joints.

  • Water soluble acrylic sealant (Style acrylic sealant)

    OSUNG Style acrylic sealant, Water-soluble acrylic sealant, can be painted after curing and it is suitable for crack repair and filling of gaps in inner and outer walls of buildings.

Silicone Oil & the 2nd oil product

Silicone Oil is the generally colorless and transparent liquid and has excellent thermal resistance, cold resistance, water resistance and chemical resistance.And this has little change of viscosity over wide range of temperature and has excellent current property.
And also this has dysplastic, water repellent, vesicular and lubricative features. This is widely used in diverse industries such as electrical insulating oil, damping oil, lubricant, heating medium oil, polish, raw materials for cosmetics, antifoaming agent, release agent, fiber treatment agent.

Silicone RTV Rubber

RTV Rubber for electricity, electronics and general industry
It is the liquid rubber or paste rubber developed for bonding, sealing and potting of electric and electronic apparatus It is widely used at the areas which require heat resistant, cold resistant, weather resistant and electrical features.

RTV Rubber for Reproduction
It is widely used at diverse industries including all models for pattern copy such as pilot model of art, handicraft and vacuum casting.